Circuit Training

Circuit Training at Insanity Extreme Strength & Conditioning

At Insanity Extreme Strength & Conditioning we offer a massive choice of circuits which can be customised to get the results you desire.  Our huge range of circuits are unrivaled and are a fast track to getting the body you’ve always dreamed of, while at the same time getting you to the pinnacle of personal fitness.  Our circuits include (but are not restricted to):

  • Kettleball Circuit
  • Body Pump
  • Leg Circuit
  • Bleep Test
  • P90X Alternative
  • Insanity Alternative
  • Abs Circuit
  • Fit 2 Box
  • Cardio Circuit
  • Total Beasting Circuit (WARNING NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED)
  • Boxing Circuit
  • Upper Body Circuit
  • Power Circuit
  • Interval Circuit
  • Pyramid Circuit
  • Ascending Circuit
  • Aerobic Circuit
  • Multi-station Circuit
  • Strength & Condition
  • Custom-made Circuit